Sunday, April 3, 2011

Green Answers

Hello Readers,

I have just began my adventure as an intern at a great company and website called Green Answers. It is a community for green-minded individuals who want to know what is best for the environment. Topics reach from fuel efficient cars, animal extinction, favorite places to hike, and organic food. I love a  place where I can go to ask any question and get plenty of like-minded people to do the research for me. I write my two articles a week for GreenAnswers and you can see them here

As for personal stuff, the Juvo "diet" is going great. I'm on day 7 and feel good. I did bonk out yesterday from not eating enough protein, but today I got my green shake and feel a whole lot better. If you've decided to take on a Juvo-like diet of two shakes and one meal a day, make sure you get all of your protein! It's needed for a weight lifting series like P90x's Legs and Back. Boy, is that killer!

Stay tuned for a new organic recipe.