Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring Cleaning (Body and Mind)

I've decided to start a diet. It's spring cleaning time, and not only of the house, but the body. I'm detoxing myself by eating one regular meal a day and two "Juvo" Shakes.

Here is a tidbit of what my diet looks like:

JUVO Organic Whole Living Foods is: 
  • Natural Organic : Over 55 nutritious raw ingredients: from whole grains to vegetables to sea vegetables to mushrooms -- and absolutely nothing artificial,
  • All Raw : Cooking and processing destroys vitamins, minerals, enzymes, fibers, phytonutrients and chlorophyll, so we keep JUVO raw. To further understand the JUVOlution's raw food diet click here
  • So Cool : Freeze drying may cost more than other preservation methods, but it's the best way retain nutritional properties, flavor, color and aroma. 
  • So Easy : Easy-to-carry single-serve pouches are perfect for
    those on the go. Just mix one with your favorite beverage for a tasty
    complete healthy meal!
Lose Weight With JUVO And: 
  • Boost Your Energy & Metabolism 
  • Strengthen Your Immune System 
  • Cleanse Your Body of Toxins and Waste Materials 
  • Reduce Tension and Stress 
  • Improve Digestion 
  • Healthfully Appease Hunger Pangs
Meal Plan: 

Enjoy two JUVO diet pouches and one usual meal a day.

For breakfast eat one JUVO diet pouch with Silk Soy Milk, Apple juice, with a splash of fresh pressed piƱa colada. 

For lunch eat a healthy meal with low fat, quality protein (quinoa, soy) , fresh salad with olive oil dressing, and a piece of sprouted bread. 

        Other options: 
                 2 whole grain waffles, cup of soy milk, and a banana/1 cup berries
                 A veggie salad or sandwich, (Soy meat, lettuce, tomato, and cucumber with a low fat mayo) 
                 Hummus, pita, and grilled tofu 

For dinner eat another JUVO shake mixed with Silk Soy Milk or Apple juice. 

Allowed Snacks between breakfast and lunch: Light popcorn, carrots and hummus, cucumber slices, zero calorie teas/juices (Vitamin Water Zero).

 Avoid any fried snacks.

If you continue this weight loss diet for a month and exercise regularly, it will work (drastically!) 

Now it's not like I'm overweight or anything, but every body needs a great detox. Being vegan is a natural detox, but going raw and vegan for a minimum of a week is amazing. I have added P90x Lean as my workout program, which includes 60 minutes a day of extreme cardio and fitness. It also incorporates weight lifting as well. For example, today's workout is "Shoulders and Arms" and "Ab Ripper." The shoulders and arms is a 45 minute workout of decreasing those floppy triceps, tightening the biceps, and sculpting beautiful shoulders. The Ab Ripper is only 15 minutes long, but is a high speed, no break, no crunches or sit ups, ab routine that will make you scream for your mommy and scrunch your face. Breathe!!!

If you're interested in the Juvo shakes, you can find them at a Whole Foods or Vitamin Shoppe near you. 

P90x is a mental workout and relief. A detoxing diet such as Juvo cleans the body. Pair two of these together and see a healthful new you this summer! 

Wish me luck! 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

King Corn Reply

I just watched the documentary King Corn and am reminded once again about how much corn we have in our food. Everything you see as you walk down an aisle in the grocery market contains corn in one form or another. From coloring to sweetener, you can count on corn to be in your food, and your hair. Hair? Well, that is how the documentary starts out. Two young men visit a scientist who tests to see what is in their hair because everything you ingest ends up in it. I've been vegan/vegetarian/pescatarian and organic for the past couple of years, and people always complement me on my hair. They have always said,"It must be all that good food you eat!" and I never really knew that this was true until now.

I suggest watching this, along with Food Inc. , and referring to Green Answers if you have any other questions.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Millions of dead anchovies float to surface in Redondo Beach

Cnn reports, "Officials say millions of the pungent, oily fish are covering the sea bottom in the harbor. They began rising to the surface Tuesday morning, the Daily Breeze in Torrance, outside Los Angeles, reported."

Just months after the initial New Years Black Bird deaths  and fish deaths, we see another case. NY times originally reported that a probable cause is pesticides, but officials would not release this information. For if they did, American food would be boycotted and we would lose money in our major market of mass produced, sprayed, poisonous "food," or so I wish. 

On my way to class I saw a dead bee on the sidewalk. I felt like taking a picture and blogging about it, and how we are killing them off with cell phone use. And then I sat down to open Cnn and saw these anchovies dead. 

Rachel Carson's Silent Spring may just be May 2011. First we see blackbirds down in Arkansas, and now we see millions of anchovies dead in California. What's next? Hummingbirds?