Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Getting There

Whoever told you being fit was easy lied.  Recipes for healthy food can be easy. Working out can be fun. But getting from Point A of "I don't like how I look" to Point B of "Wow, I'm proud of this body." is a hard journey. I'm still on it.

After 3 months of working out in various ways, trying multiple workouts, I wasn't getting the results I wanted. My arms and legs were responding, but my mid section was not. I started to cut my calorie intake to about 800 calories and burning about 600 calories a day. I figured I would get skinny and fit in a sinch...WRONG. Over-stressing your body will make it hold on so strong that you'll cry in frustration and wonder how the HECK is it not whittling away.

Well, I gave in. I let up. I stopped working SO hard (burning 400-600 calories per day) and started eating more (1500-1800 calories per day). And guess what happened!? My pooch started disappearing. My confidence started going up. I realized, like all things in life, you have to balance hard work and good food. Eat lots of grilled veggies, drink lots of water, and indulge in a bagel before doing super hard cardio. I'm on my way to an after picture for you, even though I don't like the title "After Picture." I think it should be called "Current Picture" because if you name something after it gives you the idea you've stopped. I'm not stopping. I'm forming a daily habit. Even on my upcoming getaway, I plan on working out at least an hour a day.

It's officially like sleeping; I need it or else I don't feel right.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Touring the Good Ol' USA

I'm going on a trip. Not just any trip, but a huge, long, discovery-filled, bucket-list, type of trip. I'm driving from California to New Hampshire with my lovely man and dog! We're moving to New Hampshire for work opportunities and to start our life on the East Coast. I'm stoked! 
Welcome to my new playground

You get the best part: experiencing our trip by reading my rants and seeing photos of all the fun places to go - without all the driving and expenses.  We're starting to book hotels now as we stress and freak over how much this is all going to cost. Luckily, I'm good with my mu-lah and have been saving for a rainy day... or should I say sunny summer trip. =]

I've got my certification to be a personal trainer under my belt and am working on my Fitness Nutrition Specialist certificate. I gotta say, I'm pumped to be working for a new gym/studio in a quaint little town. Growing up in Cali is not all that its cracked up to be. I've had my run with you California, but I'm ready to break new sand. See sunrises instead of sets. Venture into historical place instead of seeing construction and traffic.

Of course I'll miss being close to my immediate family, but everyone has to grow up and move away sometime, right? Well enjoy the written ride across the country with me, because I know I would love to read this adventure I'm about to embark on.