Wednesday, March 16, 2011

King Corn Reply

I just watched the documentary King Corn and am reminded once again about how much corn we have in our food. Everything you see as you walk down an aisle in the grocery market contains corn in one form or another. From coloring to sweetener, you can count on corn to be in your food, and your hair. Hair? Well, that is how the documentary starts out. Two young men visit a scientist who tests to see what is in their hair because everything you ingest ends up in it. I've been vegan/vegetarian/pescatarian and organic for the past couple of years, and people always complement me on my hair. They have always said,"It must be all that good food you eat!" and I never really knew that this was true until now.

I suggest watching this, along with Food Inc. , and referring to Green Answers if you have any other questions.

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