Monday, May 16, 2011

Green Tea Frapp

Are you looking for a delicious new drink recipe? This one is packed with antioxidants, has limited to no sugar (your choice!) and will give you hours of energy. Try it now before you get sleepy.
Soy Milk and Green Tea Matcha
Sprinkle in Matcha to avoid clumps!
Use "Stir" option to mix 2tbsp Matcha with 1/2 cup SoyMilk
Add two cups of ice (I used this size twice)
Add Sweetener to taste 
Add enough Soy milk to cover ice.
Blend until all the ice is crushed, and ingredients mixed.
It should look like a smoothie or frappuccino!

Mash fresh strawberries for their juice. (Optional)
Use strawberries and juice to garnish.
Drink a cup! 

Green Tea Matcha provides 137 times the amount of antioxidants and energy than regular green tea. Matcha powder is the fresh baby green tea leaf dried at a very low temperature in the shade(to save all of the enzymes and antioxidants) and then ground to a fine powder. It is great for all sorts of drink recipes. You can also place it in ice creams, muffins, or even cookies. Yum! Ever wonder how they made green tea ice cream? ;)

I drink this when I need to get things done. It will give you energy for up to 8 hours, with its antioxidant punch. Enjoy! No chemicals. No refined sugar. All good.

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