Sunday, May 8, 2011

Kill Monsanto, Not Yourself

I’ve got something to say, I need to get it out
It’s a little poem that I wish I could shout.
My passion is built and my brain won’t stop
thinking of this issue that we need to crop
from the picture of the states in the great US
Its killing us all, to our country’s heart’s content.

We’ve got soda cheaper than broccoli
Chips that are stopping arteries
Nobody cooks, and everybody feeds
Its a fast food nation who’d rather have surgery than beets.

I can’t take your laziness, but its not your fault.
The country supports all of your midnight snack calls.

With convenient things like Hot Pockets, Oreos, and Pop Tarts,
Diabetes for sale at all Wal-marts
You can’t help yourself, everyones doing it.
Just stop and realize before your screwing it
Like an incadescent lightbulb, your ruining your earth
Monsanto corn products since birth
Hormones in your milk and meat
Start growing breasts, 7 year old puberty

Its in the news and its on the streets
but nobody cares because its just one treat
one donut before school
a serving of soda doesn’t make me a fool
If only we believed in moderation is key
We wouldn’t be discriminating the obese.

There wouldn’t be such thing as the N Double A FA
if you haven’t heard, were accepting fat genes today.
You can’t blame the diet, its your family.
I’m sorry I didn’t realize you were speaking amicably.

Wake up people, and start to walk more.
Or you’ll be fatter than the recent debt from war.
Realize that gas is expensive for a reason,
Stop chugging that juice, and enjoy the season.

What happened to home cooked meals?
The microwave came and made you a good deal.
You don’t have to turn on the stove, you’ve got radiation.
Mm cancer tastes great when its saturated.
Now I’m not trying to get in your pants with these words
Get you off your ass and out of the herd
of the people that just are too dumb
to realize your sugar intake is making you numb
You’ll lose your feet, your legs, and then your life
Grasp it now, before your a single wife.

Heart disease is the number one killer.

The reason why is not much of a chiller.
You eat like shit and you exercise none.
Walking to your mailbox doesn’t count hon.
Just get up off your ass and eat some veggies,
( but the damn USA won’t let me!)

Make a difference and sign a petition
Screw fast food, create a mission
To stop these diseases before they stop you
From living the life that you wish you could choose
Where vegetables are cheap and fruit is free
Cooking is a fun opportunity.

I’m not some hippy preaching on a soapbox
Just a caring citizen that rocks
the boat from the weight of my words
They hit you harder than that fries and burg.

Processed foods are evil,
Recognize the truth.
I’m not lying, its the brands that hate you.
They only care about money, not your health.
The sicker you are, the more their wealth.

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