Friday, May 27, 2011

Mark Zuckerberg Hunts for Dinner

Technology has allowed people the convenience to go out to a grocery store and pick up a roast for dinner. We never have to think twice about what the animal’s face looked like right before it was slaughtered. The way it was killed doesn’t matter because it has been cut, cleaned, and packaged for us. All we have to do is slam it down on a pan, grill it up, and eat our tasty meat. We don’t have to care about where it came from because nobody is making us. The pigs, chickens, and cows we are eating are not hanging next to the packaged meat, or being butchered anywhere near. Most Americans are used to having an animal as their protein source each night. Eggs and bacon for breakfast, a turkey sandwich for lunch, and a grilled chicken breast is the usual menu for most. Why would we ever stop and listen to the local hippie vegans or pasta loving vegetarians? Those are just stereotypes of course, because more people are eating less meat as we speak. A famous face is plastered all over the news today about his new diet.

Mark Zuckerberg is taking an old twist on how he forms his daily menu. He has decided to only eat what animals he has killed. At a pig roast he had last year, his participants did not want to consume the meat. They did not like seeing exactly where it came from, the body part they were cutting off, or the eyes roasting on the spit. This got Mark thinking, “What would it be like to eat like this everyday?” Mark’s diet has become healthier since he has been learning about organic farming and the raising of animals, while mostly eating vegetarian. The protein place on his plate might be replaced by quinoa or soy instead of the old chicken breast.

Mark Zuckerberg has been an idol for many teens and young folk around since he has debuted his famous website Facebook. His new diet is the center of attention right now and hopefully will have an impact on his fans. Economically and organically speaking, this diet could have big changes on the environment. Animals and factory farms have a very high pollution rate. Cows give off more CO2 than cars. If we ate less meat, our climate could cool down. Eating one vegetarian, sustainable meal, could save over 2.5 pounds of green house gas emissions! Imagine Americans eating a whole year of Mark’s diet, and how much of the environment could be saved. I’m sure not many would be out in the forest trying to hunt a deer, or out on the grass shooting at cows. If this was a law passed, many people would just give up meat altogether and have soy burgers the rest of their days. Who truly wants to see the teary eyes of a cow before it is shot down? Who wants to hear a pig squeal as it is chased before dying in front of you? Mark Zuckerberg may have the guts to do it, but I doubt many other people do.

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