Saturday, June 25, 2011

Organic Balcony Garden: Day 7

I was so happy to see a baby sprout on day five. There was light amongst the dark shadows, a new life has come to say hello. I removed the plastic dome and let the baby breathe. It was so happy and arched its way over to the sun. Success! Although only one has sprouted, the germination period can take 10-15 days. Patience my fellow green thumbs.
The bad news bears have visited my garden and delivered mold. This was not fun to see next to the new sprout. But of course, with the good comes bad, and with the bad comes a lesson.
I looked it up and it was exactly what I thought: too much water, not enough air. So the case has been open three days now and the white hairs are gone. I poured out some of the left over water that was on the bottom of the tray and am waiting for my other seedlings to sprout. The tray has been in direct sunlight and the soil is still soaked. All the packages said to saturate the trays and dirt, and I did as directed, but I guess too much water equals foul results.

If one popped up, I have hope for the others. The germination stage on the packages say 10-15 days and it has only been 7, so I guess this baby is a primi at only 5 days and two inches. It has been warm out so hopefully that will help the seeds sprout. Cross your fingers for more babies soon!

Ps:  I know the pictures aren't clear, but I'm working on getting a better camera than my phone!

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