Monday, July 25, 2011

StrangeLoop Gallery Opening; An Organic Experience

This past weekend I visited Gus Harper Studios in Venice for the opening of a Strangeloop showing. It was my first art show ever. The lighting was great, the art was mind boggling, and the people were even more fun to watch. The art was accompanied by live hippie-drug inspired tunes that were inescapable.  Once the beats began, the crowd nodded along and danced in a robotic worm-like way. Everyone was either high on weed, mushrooms, or an elixir of other drugs and alcohol (except for me of course). It was a mad house of paintings, sketchbooks, and 2 buck chuck (Trader Joe's Pinot Grigio). I had a couple Solo cups of the white wine and enjoyed the artsy atmosphere. It was slightly reminiscent of my teenage years in the summer desert. At any moment, I never set my drink down in fear it would be laced with whatever everyone else was high on.

My sister exclaimed to the creator, "This is the best art show ever!" She had only been to fine art galleries that were boring and quiet. This "art show" was more of a house party in an art gallery sloppily put together in 5 days or less by a very dedicated few. They had passion for the arts and would do whatever it took to get the right people into this tiny location, to experience the art in the mindset it was created-on hallucinants. About 290 people showed up, after RSVP'ing on Facebook. It was a great turn out.

I ended up getting a souvenir from my first art show experience- two t-shirts that were screen printed right in front of me. I got to choose out of 6 designs and place them where I wanted on an American Apparel shirt. For only 10 bux each, I was happy to come home with a new piece of art. :)

The show filled me with the urge to do something of my own, create something without regard of opinion. These people didn't care what you thought of them; they were living life happily. They weren't caught up like the rest of LA, in fear of looks, weight, or opinions. Most looked like they walked out of a thrift shop with the coolest shirt of the 70's. (See guy on left)

It was refreshing to say the least. I came home yesterday with all these new business ideas and creative sparks flying behind my eyes. I wrote some of it down and am still going at it on here! I can't wait for another art show. Stay tuned for more fun. 

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