Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The New Cake Pop: Cookie Drops

What if you could put this into a bite-sized cookie? 

Last night after dinner I was craving dessert like always. I need something sweet after I eat a delicious meal, and I usually don't want to spend 5 hours making it like those cupcakes the other day. So last night I put together something I use to eat in college when I had the munchies: flour, margarine, sugar, vanilla. Last night I used 1/3 cup of each: oat flour, melted Earth Balance, organic cane sugar, a teaspoon of vanilla. I tasted it and said, "mmm, but it needs something else...a flavor."

Luckily I have a bag of key limes leftover from my homemade margaritas the other night and got inspired. I used to make lemon sugar cookies, so why not lime? I juiced two babies and put them in the dough. Yum! I then decided to freeze the dough a few minutes while I poured some powdered sugar on a paper plate. I rolled marble sized drops in the powdered sugar and was in heaven. It had the smell and hint of key lime pie in a bite-sized drop. But still, the sugar didn't fully melt into the hot butter, and there was a crunch. Yummy 5-minute dessert it was, but I knew I needed to change it to enjoy again. The boyfriend suggested to fill the drops with a key lime custard and to make the outside crunchy like a crust. That sounded delicious and today I am going to attempt it.

The other day when I spent 5 hours making Brooklyn Cream Pie Cupcakes, I made the cream in the middle and had plenty leftover. I searched all morning for an agar-based key lime pie recipe but none exists! So I'm going to attempt to use the same method as I did with the cream, yet this time add key lime juice.

The method I used was to boil soy milk and agar flakes for ten minutes until they are completely dissolved. Then I added arrowroot powder and let it cool for an hour in the fridge. After cooling I added in a tofu, sugar, salt, and vanilla blend that made the pastry cream. Again, refrigerated for an hour and got the result of a semi-thick pudding like cream that reminded me of tapioca pudding. So this time I am going to attempt to do the same thing, but add in the lime juice into the tofu mixture to really get the zesty and sweet flavors of the key lime. I'm off to the store to get silken tofu and more limes! Wish me luck.

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