Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Future Goals

I want a vegan deli. I want to greet the people who come in looking for something quick and easy to satisfy their hunger. I want to put a smile on the face of a fellow vegan that despises Subway's crappy  mutated vegetables. I want to be an owner. I go through dreams as quickly as my earth balance tub, two a week. Time is going by and I haven't decided to set my mind to one and execute it. Now is that time. 

This morning I woke up and researched small business loans. After reading through Well's Fargo's program, it seems like a fairly easy route to the financial security I need to start this thing. But a plan must be made. According to market research, each year the vegetarian population is growing. Fast food restaurants are adding veggie burgers to the menus. The demand for healthier options is expanding and I want to be a part of that. 

In NY there are plenty of delis. Italian delis, Jewish delis, and 24 hour ones. Speaking of 24 hour ones, do not visit Rocky's in Milwood, NY. This past August, I had flown to NY for a vacation. I just got off a 7+ hour flight from California and was starving. Mr.Organnix and I visited the only thing open in the middle of the night. I ordered a veggie burger sandwich, which you'd think would be no way to mess up. Let's just say, they don't call it "Rocky's" for nothing. My stomach was rocky for two days after eating there at 3am. Seriously, $10 for a crappy sandwich and food poisoning? That was not a fun start to my deli experiences. On the other hand, a great Italian deli in Chappaqua named Villarina's, made me a delicious grilled veggie wrap soaked in a balsamic dressing. That deli was friendly, quick, easy, and affordable. Plus, it was established the year I was born. =D

Anyways, enough with the story, back to the dream. I want to bring that deli culture over to the west coast and delight the people who crave easy access to healthy meals. I love to cook, prep, and talk to strangers. I love to make yummy desserts and decorate them according to the season. I enjoy a healthy, affordable meal out and others should too. I've always dreamed of having my own business but never knew what kind it would be. I've always wanted to make people happy. I studied psychology thinking I could counsel people to happiness. But the way to anyone's heart is through their tummy. They don't call them comfort foods because they feel like pillows and blankets. They make you feel warm and cozy inside. They remind you of the good times, the happy days. I  mean, what's better than serving up healthy vegan food on the run? I'd take pleasure in taking the time to put love into it so they don't have to. 

When food is served up with love and passion, you can feel it. The great energy transfers into you through each bite, making you want more. And unlike McDonald's, you don't want more because your body gets addicted to the fat and sugar. You want more because it makes you feel good all over, not just faking-out the feel-good sensors in your brain. (See: SuperSize Me)

Americans want convenience. Most of the time this means processed, unhealthy, microwaved crap. Sure some things can be microwaved and good, like Amy's frozen meals or something, but most of the time it's crap. I want health to be more accessible to all. When I ask people why they don't try a healthier option, they normally reply because it's too expensive. It doesn't taste good. It's too time consuming. I hate vegetables... Not anymore! My deli will be defined by the three words I love to use: simple, healthy, and delicious. 

The easier it is to get something that makes you look good and feel good, the better. Why is botox so popular? You look younger in 15 minutes without months of eating healthy, exercising, and juicing away your toxins. Oh so what, a prick to the forehead? At least it takes no effort. But you get the point: easy access to healthy options equals better for all. I just need to find a way to make it as affordable as possible so everyone can get a taste, not just the ritzy-ditzy, going vegan because its a trend, people. 

I also want it to appeal to people like my dad, who will go all day without eating, stop by fast food and grab a burger, and then justify the calories by saying, "At least it's the only thing I've eaten all day." I want to be able to give him that sandwich or burger for those $3, yet when it's the only thing he eats all day, it supplies him with the nutrients he has needed...not just a bunch of empty and fatty calories. Cough, Cough, Jack in the Box. 

Forget high fructose corn syrup, trans fats, and enough calories for a whole day in a sandwich. And start believing in my dream of a healthier definition to fast food. Made with love, served with friendship. You know what? I like that. Interim motto established. I absolutely love nice and chatty cashiers in stop-n-go places. You're only waiting five minutes for food, but get the feeling that these people wouldn't mind sitting down and having a cup of tea with you. Totally uncritical, open-minded, artsy, imaginative, down to earth, people. I need to find a good staff!

I want to have my employees wear cute shirts like this. They won't be preaching their values like the vegan stereotype. They will be open to questions about how to get protein from legumes and plants. My staff will be happy to wake up and work, instead of dreading a hot day over the fryer.

I've got veggies on the brain, but I want them on a table satisfying the masses. I want to show people that vegetables can be delicious and filling. I want to teach others the benefits of eating vegan, even if it's just one meal a week. 

If you've got any tips, clues, hints, advice, experience, etc, then comment below. I need all the help I can get. I'm only 21 and following a very risky and exciting dream. I have a huge, huge, huge amount to learn and luckily have the time and credit score to get things done. I'll keep you posted on the plans. I hope this dream lasts longer than my Earth Balance tub that happens to be half empty. : / 

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