Saturday, April 21, 2012

Journey to Your Pot of Gold

There are specific skills one needs to live a healthy life; knowledge of quick and healthy recipes, an exercise routine, a stress-reducer, a motivator, social support, emotional support, etc.You might think it's just diet and exercise, and most of the time it is, but it takes a whole lot more to lead a happy life than simply losing weight and feeling sexy.

We all have boundaries and road blocks that keep us from living the life we truly want. 

Do you even know the life you truly want? Do you know your goals? A part of you might, but you may not fully be aware of it as you should be. That's why someone or something that comes along always wakes us up from the wool that has been over our eyes. We need to be autonomous of ourselves to really take charge and live our life. The one we see in our dreams. The one we draw in our doodles. The one we cut out of magazines. The one we pin on pinterest. The one we falsely update in our status message. The one we portray in our Facebook photos. But what's happening behind the scenes? Behind the social media screen?

My goal is to be that clout that slaps people awake and makes them achieve what they've always wanted. Let it be a healthier body, a happier soul, a dream job, or so on; I want to help you get there.
Of course, I'm on my own journey as well riding the colors of a very long double rainbow, but by helping others jump on their yellow brick road will help me reach my pot of gold.

What does your metaphorical "pot of gold" look like right now? Is it empty...?

Or are you jumping in head first?

Today I want you to think about what your dreams are. Truly think about it. Don't just pin it. Don't just Facebook it. Think about it away from your computer, Iphone, and Ipad. Look up at the sky, the sun, the moon, wherever you are. And start trying to make it happen. If you put the positive thoughts out there and set that world into motion, your goal will be closer than you ever imagined.

"I Can Do This!"

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