Monday, April 16, 2012

Motivational Monday

I'm taking my test next week to become a Certified Personal Trainer. I've been studying since last December and am really excited to finally take this exam. The knowledge has accumulated in my brain and I'm ready to start sharing it with you, if that's okay.  

What is Motivational Monday? I want to motivate you to get up and do something. Move your body. Dance. Lift. Squat. Sit. No wait, don't sit unless it's a wall sit! I know you're sitting now reading this, but when you're done, try something with your body. 

Today's challenge is a:
 30 Second Low Plank
Looks easy enough right? 
Once you lift up, count 30 potatoes and rest by placing your knees down. Make sure to tighten your butt and pull your belly button towards your back (drawing in). If this is too easy, try raising one arm or one leg. Then try raising the opposite arm and leg at the same time! 

This exercise targets your local core stabilization muscles. These control posture and balance, along with the rest of your core. Best of all facts is that this exercise beats crunches. You are drawing in and tightening your whole body, challenging your balance, and activating 66% more muscle fibers. 

If you're truly motivated now, get up and go work out. Turn on some music and start moving your toosh. Have a great week! 

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