Monday, July 4, 2011

Organic Balcony Garden: Day 12

Tiny Chives
I've created life!
Farmer's Tip: Reduce Transplant Shock with Worm Castings
Yesterday I awoke to find tiny sprouts of my chives! They are the tiniest things ever. I saw about three of them. This morning there is another baby cucumber coming up. It is about 1/4 inch tall, and its baby leaves are just about to open. I'm happy to see more seeds are coming out. The weather has been a little bit cooler. Today was the first day I had to water since the planting. My first primi cucumber needs it's own pot because its roots are sprouting out of the bottom about 3 inches! I was surprised to see how big it has gotten when all the others are barely sprouting. I'll probably buy a pot tonight or tomorrow to transplant it. I bought some worm castings from the farmer's market to help lessen the shock of the transplant. The farmer told me they are full of nutrients and will help them bloom organically. I'm excited! 

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