Monday, July 4, 2011

Organic Balcony Garden Diary- Transplants

Roots mean Go Time!
Drainage is Vital
Fertilizer to Reduce Shock
Summer Squash
Bigger Pot Please!
Make a hole 
Peel off the pod

Place in the baby
Bury and Water

4 Per Pot 
Ready To Grow

The pictures show the process that I endured without all the grime and dirty hands. And let me tell you, be ready to wash up after gardening. This is one dirty job (pun intended). I went to a local nursery, which was totally fun and cool, and got organic food and soil. I picked up a 12'' pot from Lowe's and was ready to transplant the babies. I realized I had way more than 4 to transplant and will be working on buying more pots to do exactly that. I hope you had fun looking at the photos and learned something!

Lessons Learned From Transplanting
   Buy extra pots. Bring lots of water. Be gentle with the roots. Buy pots with holes already punched out.

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