Monday, July 4, 2011

Organic Juicer Adventures:Dessert

Tropical Citrus Fruit Sorbet
This sorbet was a half-win, half-lose. The win part was cutting up all the fruit that was about to go old, freezing it, and turning it into a sorbet. The downside was that I'm the only one who likes the mixture of all the fruits: lemons, pineapple, pluots, plums, white and yellow peaches. The peels from the fruits were not very pleasant to chew. All the flavors mixed together, which was not a good thing in this case. The lime juice on top was great, but I definitely won't mix as many fruits together again. Next time, I'll stick to 1-2 flavors at a time. Like the boyfriend says, "Simple is best."

The most common thing I've been making with the "juicer" (which should be called an All-In-One) almost every day is the frozen banana sorbet. I freeze bananas and place them through the small circle attachment. Lately I've been mixing it with chocolate crisps, mini chocolate chip cookies, and cinnamon graham crackers (which should be called cookies). Today I melted chocolate and poured it over the frozen bananas so that it hardened. Next time I will place the sorbet on a stick and pour the melted chocolate over it to make a frozen choco banana (like I love from Trader Joe's). Or put dollops of the banana on parchment and pour it over- yum! And then maybe roll it in nuts, sprinkles, or graham crumbs? What do you think? 

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