Monday, September 19, 2011

Forks Over Knives and Going Vegan (again)

As I was half-way through The China Study I saw the documentary Forks Over Knives. To my enjoyment, it showed images and explanations straight out of the book. It pretty much summarized the whole book in a great documentary. It was moving, educational, and reminded me of my deep, dark, passion for healthy eating. Since January, I went from a Vegan title to Pescatarian, enjoying seafood during restaurant happy hours and my trip to New England (Lobster central). But after watching that documentary, I have this urking feeling inside that makes me want to go back to being "vegan." Many social scenes have seafood, but very rarely have fully vegan options. I went back to eating fish because I missed sushi. I missed my Popcorn Lobster roll, which wasn't as good as I remember when I went back to it. Right now I'm in a funk where all I want is vegan and raw food. There is a constant debate with myself over "Going Vegan" again, for the 3rd or 4th time.

No it is not hard to cut out fish and eggs. I cook almost every single meal from scratch, except for my occasional Gardein purchase that I turn into something yummy. I'm still attempting to muster up the courage to try and make my own seitan this week. Each week I say I'm going to do it, but then I back down and forget as I make something out of my juicer, blender, and vegetables.

Ah but the mental qualm goes on. To be or not to be Vegan, again. I didn't have any problems being vegan before, except for the ultimate ridicule that I faced. Without the title of "Vegan" people don't care that I don't eat chicken, pork, or beef...and am lactose intolerant. They let it go. But throw that V-word in there and they go all preachy-preach on your ass. Someone even said today, "Your like a Jehova's witness." What is that supposed to mean? As they continued on to say, "You better not raise your kids without meat and dairy!"

  I am at war with my social being. People just don't get it these days. They think you're depriving yourself of life's precious moments. I cherish the times when I'm experimenting in my kitchen with new legumes, sauces, and nut cheeses. My precious moments are when my sister calls to ask how to make the raw cashew cheez I told her about, as she shops for vegan ingredients with my father, after they watched Forks Over Knives. Gosh, what a film can (and can't) do for people.

It is hard to live in, or even find, a Vegan and organic social scene . Even if we don't want to admit to it, it is a belief system that we don't walk away from to indulge. Indulging for me is having banana soft serve with shaved dark chocolate on top. When you choose a title like "vegan" you are committing to a lifestyle. I eat about 90-95% vegan already, and now about 5% raw. It is just the title that I am weary of. Many people like the boyfriend or father (usually men) will say, "Oh come on just take a bite of chicken. It wont kill you. It tastes good. You'll like it."

  But it's not about what tastes good or not, it's about committing yourself to health. I can give you my fake chicken and say, doesn't it taste good? Why can't you replace all of your chicken meals with this? It is the same principle. Any food can taste good-vegan or not; it's my ultimate health of which that I'm concerned.

Yes I love animals. Yes I know about the torture, maltreatment, pollution, over breeding, hormones, battery cages, and so on. Of course those things I hate to hear, see, or know are existing. I am deciding yes or no for health, not moral reasons. I know fish have feelings too, and still kinda felt guilty when indulging in a salmon. I counteracted my guilt with the thoughts that it had a wild life, got caught, and is healthy for me.

BUT SCIENCE PROVES: the more plants you eat, the healthier you are. Honestly, I can't even cook a fish without being grossed out, so why should I eat it when out? I know how to replace eggs in every recipe I make, so why am I using egg whites? The more I write the more I lean towards the vegan life. Ah... decisions decisions. What do you say?  What's your stance on things? And don't be this guy!


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  2. kris said...
    I would recommend that movie to everyone I love so they can live a long healthy life without the worry of becoming diabetic, obese, or having a heart bypass.... Do you put water in your car... no you put gas.... Put the correct gasoline in you and run forever....
    September 21, 2011 6:44 PM

  3. Hello!
    I somehow stumbled across your blog through Gena's and I just wanted to suggest that you take it from another perspective as well. For instance, books such as "Deep Nutrition: why your genes need traditional food" or "Nourishing Traditions" approach optimal health from a whole different angle. I recommend you read variety of sources and then decide what's best for you :)