Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Vegan Insanity

I have officially gone Vegan. Yay! I'm excited about my choice and cooking up lots of yummy vegan recipes. Keep your eyes out! Desserts are my favorite hehe. I've been here before, but this time I'm here to stay. I've realized that being a vegan is more of who I am. Since I've left college and entered the real world, I've been figuring out who I really am. What do I like, love, want, and need?

Vegan is my first choice. I'm the type of vegan who eats a plant-based whole foods diet, not the one who goes, "Oh look it's vegan, I'll eat it" kind. I do it for my health first, morals second. The last time I was vegan I was very preachy-preach and guilt-tripping people about, "How COULD you eat that poor baby cow?" This time around I've learned to just talk about it when the time and crowd is right. Along with my dedication to a vegan lifestyle, I have added on something just as intense:

Besides deciding on veganism, I have dedicated myself to the workout program called Insanity, by Shaun T. The program is a 60-day interval training cardio program that turns your flab into muscle, and ultimately cuts your body fat percentage. Around this time last year I was doing another BeachBody program called P90X. People were asking me how I got so fit and why I looked so healthy.

These programs are no joke! They work for me, and they work great. Six days a week I get insane and challenge every muscle in my body to work it's hardest at keeping up with Shaun T. The best part? When I'm done I feel amazing. My mind is focused, my body is dripping in sweat, and I'm ready to take on the world. Fitness is not just a come and go kind of thing; it is a commitment for a healthier lifestyle. 

From the months of January through now I've only been going to the gym, jogging, and lifting weights at home. I lost all my P90X muscle mass, strength, and confidence. For some people, they have the discipline to get a hard enough workout on their own; I need someone like Shaun T or Tony Horton to yell it at me.

Recently on Twitter I was asked, "Is it hard being a vegan and doing such an intense workout program?" 

Definitely not. Usually people who do these programs start out overweight and eating like crap. I was already working out at my gym 3-5 times a week and eating a healthy diet. Being vegan doesn't hinder, but helps my workouts. As a vegan, I am super aware of my intake and nutritional values of my meals.

My plant-based whole foods nutrition is only benefiting my workout. Instead of supplements, protein shakes, and gatorade, I eat real food that has a higher bio-availability. I've learned that eating a salad with spinach, quinoa, beans, avocado, pine nuts, cashew cheez', agave candied walnuts, and rice vinegar will be better for my body than a soy protein shake. I've looked at the nutrition plan for Insanity (which is not vegan friendly) and have found that my diet intake is equal to or more nutritious.

Better Images Coming Soon!
I'm currently shopping around for a new camera. As suggested by Kathy, I'm starting with a Canon Rebel kit and going from there. I'm looking at the Canon T2i right now and sleeping on the decision because it is an investment. I know you will enjoy the better images as much as I will enjoy taking them. So long to the cell phone camera and hello to a real Digital SLR. I couldn't tell you how much I've learned today from reading all these reviews, product descriptions, and websites. I'm still gawking at the Lytro idea, but know that this will come on the market and I'll wait for my amazon reviews. See you soon!

xoxo Nixie

Here is the link to my Insanity profile!


  1. Good Luck Nixie! Can't wait to read about your progress!

  2. Thank you Jessica! I was trying to post the link to my profile, but I guess there isn't one, so here's a link to a group I started: You can find me there :)

    I'll update my "after" photo each week to show my progress. Thanks!!!