Monday, January 30, 2012

How to Get Fit Eating Pizza and Ice Cream

In the past two weeks, I have eaten vegan pizza and soy ice cream a'plenty. Believe it or not, I'm not gaining weight. I know people go on diets but that's really not me. Sure, I'll eat all salads one day if I'm in the mood, or maybe even just miso soup and brown rice. But one thing is for certain: I'm not a diet kinda girl. (Diets don't changes do. Scroll to the bottom to buy my meal plan that includes pizza and ice cream, and you'll still lose weight!)

Since the day after Christmas I have been doing two workout programs called P90x and Insanity. It's made by a company called BeachBody, who have a bunch of home DVD programs to fit your lifestyle. Each system comes with a certain schedule and designated workout for each day of the week. P90x is all about strength training while Insanity is pure cardio. Sure they each have a little of both, but P90x uses weights, chairs, bands, while Insanity uses only the weight of your body. They are extreme workouts and can burn up to 500 calories in an hour, depending on your weight and how hard you push.

No, I don't sell them. I just wanted to give you the lowdown. I workout with both of these programs 4-5 days a week (supposed to do 6) and am losing inches and toning up. On some days I crave pizza, and go for my vegan Trader Joe's version or like last night, order in some vegan Zpizza. For dessert, I indulge in a cup of soy ice cream, and maybe top it with some stevia-sweetened diet root beer.

I love food. I won't give up my favorites because I'm toning up or trimming down. You don't have to either. Just make sure your calories balance out in the end of the week and increase your intensity if you indulged too much. There is a way to get skinny/trim/toned by eating pizza and ice cream and I'm here to prove it.

My Success So Far
I went from 118lbs to 114lbs, with a BMI (body mass index) of 20.6 to 19.3. That may not seem like a lot, but it is for me. My arms and legs are starting to get defined and my tummy is starting to flatten. My plan is to keep eating what I want, but continue to become a defined, sexy little minx. I want to look in the mirror and say, "Wow. I did that?" 

For Your Body: Changing Composition 
When working out, you burn the fat covering your muscles while toning and enlarging the muscles underneath. When you take the space on your body that is used up by fat and replace it with muscle, your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) raises. This means your body is burning more calories while at rest. This is why strength training is key in a workout regimen. Cardio is fantastic for burning lots of calories a day, but building muscle keeps you burning calories. I must admit though, it is only a few extra calories per pound of muscle. So don't go overboard with an extra cup of ice cream because you see definition in your biceps.

For Your Mind: Changing Lifestyle
I'm sure you've all heard it before. Exercise increases endorphins and these little guys circulate through your mind making you feel euphoric, happy, and uplifted. It's true. You feel light, airy, and amazing after digging deep. The endorphins only last for a couple hours, but the feeling of, "I worked really hard today," can last until you go to sleep that night. You feel accomplished, satisfied, and proud of yourself. This confidence can spread across to your working habits, studying habits, and the rest of your life.

Since you worked out, you will pay closer attention to what you put in your body for the rest of the night. Even if it's pizza and ice cream, you'll choose the healthier crust and toppings, the smaller bowl of ice cream, and the sugar free sprinkles.

Exercise changes your mindset.

Getting Up is the Hardest Part
As I lie here on my couch at 4pm I admit, getting up to workout is not the highest thing on my to-do list. But I know the feeling afterwards is worth all the pressure now. After I workout and shower, I feel like being creative, studying hard for my NASM program, and working diligently tonight at my job. It's all about the results, the benefits.

Now you can get my meal plan and get fit eating pizza and ice cream!!!

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