Sunday, January 29, 2012

Random Vegan Eats

I've come to realize that people like to look at pictures, including myself. When I read a recipe blog, I forgoe the story, look at the step-by-step photos, and make sure I have the ingredients. So, I'll keep it simple this time. Here are some meals I've eaten and things I've created in the past week.
Tofu Taco Meat

Tacos+Sliced Apples


Apples+Stevia+Cinnamon, Pan-fried in EarthBalance

Apple Cinnamon French Toast

Potato Soup w/Kale and Skinny Fries+ Potato Dolsa+ Coconut Sauce

On-the-go smoothie in reused Starbucks cup

WestSoy Seitan "Chick'n"

Sandwich Prep

Chick'n Sandwich+Carrots w/Stevia+Cinnamon+Pepperoncinis+Coconut Water

Tofu Scramble+Kale

Tofu Scramble in Pita

Raw Macadamia Cheese (Cultured, pressed, dehydrated)

The start to sunflower-brazil nut cheez

Probiotics for culturing

Culturing Process sped up by a warm toaster 

A breakfast that looks like a "normal person's" breakfast
Tangelos+Whole Grain Waffles+Vanilla Soy Yogurt
I'm addicted to waffles right now and have a rendition of this almost every morning. Waffles, fruit, side. Sometimes that side includes organic cinnamon toast crunch (Cascadian Farms). Don't call me fat. I eat breakfast like a Queen!

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