Friday, October 14, 2011

Chocolate Chip Corn Bread

I have a sweet tooth. Not an itty bitty, sometimes craving sweets, sweet tooth, but a large, in charge, fat kid inside sweet tooth. I will put agave nectar and chocolate on anything possible. Don't judge me.
As I was licking the sweet leftover corn bread dough off the rubber spatula I thought, "this should be dessert." I had about two ramekins left of the dough and knew I couldn't just eat it with a fork all night. Today I followed through with this fatty idea and came across a new favorite: Chocolate Chip Corn Bread.

After I took my first bite I was like, "hmm this needs something." I then proceeded to cover it in Earth Balance and Trader Joe's vanilla coconut milk (the boxed kind). The bread soaked it right up and made it super moist, like when you dip a chocolate chip cookie in milk until it's practically falling apart. Mmm so good!

As I sit here and munch down on this beautiful dessert feeling like a piggy, I justify it by saying, "I'll be doing cardio in an hour. I need these carbs." Oh the joys of a workout schedule for excuses. Tony Horton says abs are made in the kitchen. I may be vegan, working out 6 days a week, and a health nut, but if my abs were made in the kitchen I'd have a 12-pack right now. I'm in there all day cooking up a storm, licking spoons, and drinking fresh juices.

Speaking of piggies, I went to a petting zoo last weekend. It made me giddy to pet the animals but sad because they were all tired. The best part was these black baby pigs that were so friendly. Mr.Organnix and I took affectionately to this one pig who was all about the attention. I started rubbing his belly and he flopped over and closed his eyes. We practically fell in love with this little guy and wanted to take him home.

Once I got to my humble abode I couldn't help but google pigs. I found this site about Micro-Nano-Teacup pigs that only grew to the size of a chihuahua! I was like holy crap, I want one of these. I can't get them out of my head and have decided the moment I move into a house with a yard, one of those tiny pigs will be my first addition. I just hope my dog will get along with it! If you've never seen of these guys, you have to see it. Here's a cute video of one with an actress:

What You Need
Bob's Corn Bread Mix
oil or melted margarine
flax eggs
chocolate chips

What You Do

  • Prepare corn bread mix according to package. 
  • Add in chocolate chips. 
  • Pour into ramekins or cake pan. 
  • Cook for 25 minutes at 375*.
  • After cooked, take out and place on top of oven. 
  • Pour boxed vanilla coconut milk over ramekins or pan until it fills up to the edges. 
  • Poke holes where the milk is so that it absorbs to the bottom.
  • Let soak into bread until cool. 

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