Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Years!

It's been a great year. As most do on the last day, I'm going to make a couple lists to review the past year. I may cheat a little bit and you'll see why, but I'm going back to the end of December 2010 and wrapping up to now, December 2011. Here we go!

  • Dec.2010- I had the most amazing encounter with the love of my life, and fell deeply head over heels for him...after being friends for months.
  • Jan. 2011- I decided to start opening my mind to new things and started having less anxiety. 
  • Mar. 2011- I turned 21. 
  • Apr. 2011- I started two internships that gave me a keen insight into a 9-5 kind of job. 
  • June 2011- I graduated UC Irvine with a bachelors degree in psychology and social behavior.
  • July 2011- I started this blog and my search for my true passion. 
  • August 2011-I visited NY and NH, for a wonderfully fun summer trip. I saw my first broadway show, thanks to my amazing b.f. who gave me tickets for my graduation gift. Wicked was amazing!!! I experienced my first hurricane, which was both exciting and scary as heck. The aftermath was the coolest part to see, yet sad for the shop owners and basements. 
  • Sept. 2011- I got really into cooking and working out and that's about all I did for this whole month. It helped me get closer to myself and my passions.
  • October. 2011- This still feels like yesterday. Seriously? It's already the end of the year? Once Halloween passes (aka Mr.Organnix's bday) everything flies by. We had a great time at the Ritz Carlton and dressing up for the bar, which happened to be way emptier than we thought it would. It was a party for two and lots of fun. I also loved searching for the best gifts for my love. :) 
  • Nov. 2011- Thanksgiving was nice to see my family and show them I actually knew a thing or two about cooking, all from experience of course. I've never taken a class (even though one time during this year I thought I was going to do that very thing and go to a whole school in NYC for it. i.e. Natural Gourmet Institute, but I changed my mind as I learned more about my passions.) 
  • Dec. 2011- I've celebrated my one year in LOVE with the Mr.  <3 And...have decided on my true passion! This is HUGE for me. 
I searched my soul since graduation, dwindling away in the kitchen, exercising to Insanity, and checking out different graduate programs, until FINALLY I found out what I was meant to do. And I kept saying this all year, which was quite frustrating to Mr.Organnix. Thanks so much for supporting me throughout all my crazy "aha" moments, which only lasted two weeks long. Finally, I've got it. I'm committed to it. And I'm loving every minute of it. I'm 4 weeks in and still excited- so far so good! Read on for all my exciting plans for the new year! Here I come baby!

What is it you ask? Cooking? Yes. Exercising? Yes. Vegan food? Yes. Psychology? Yes. Yes. Yes! I am combining everything I love and am talented at (or so I have been told) and making it my career. I've been studying for my Certified Personal Training certificate since December 1st, which will be accompanied by a Fitness Nutrition Specialist certificate. I have five more months to complete my studying, take the test, and start a job at a health club. But that's not all.

I love health. I'm obsessed with every aspect of it. The mind and body are connected as one, and I believe, no wait, I know I can help people live a healthier, happier life through my services. We will talk out mental barriers, work through them with cooking and exercise, and even have fun shopping the outskirts of grocery stores. Have you ever watched Biggest Loser and thought, "I wish I could be that trainer?" Well, I have. But I want to be completely involved in someones life. My service doesn't stop at the free weights, it goes deep, where most people need help. 

When someone is unhealthy, it's not just that they don't have time or motivation to go to the gym. There are other barriers out there and I'm preparing myself now to help break those walls down, and create happier lives for many people. When asked, "What do you want to do when you grow up?" My answer has always been, "Help people be happier and healthier." Now I can do that, and I'm stoked. 

So out of all the months this year, December has been the biggest bench mark. I've celebrated my one year in love with the Mr. and have decided on my true passion. I'm super happy right now in life and things are only looking up. It will be a battle to start getting my own clients, but I know they will see my passion and join right in with me. 

Happy New Years Everyone! 

Ps: If you haven't noticed, this isn't just a recipe blog. You will see more fitness, health, and psychology related posts this year. I want it to be as well-rounded as my soon-to-be career.  I hope you stick around for the fun! 

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  1. Love it. Best of luck in your new endeavors. You'll be spectacular!