Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Pre-Workout Shakes

I know that eating "real food" is way better for you than shakes, but before and after workouts are an excuse to Vitamix it up. When I wake up, I want to workout as soon as I can, to then shower and get on with my day. So instead of cooking french toast, enjoying a hot bowl of miso, or toasting some whole grain waffles, I throw a bunch of stuff in my Vitamix and get going.

Todays shake includes:
4 Tbsp Vanilla Hemp Protein
1 Scoop Juvo Slim  (Raw whole foods shake)
1 Scoop Amazing Grass Orange Dreamsicle Greens
1 Banana
1/2 cup frozen pineapple tidbits
1 cup almond milk, soaked with chia seeds
Water, enough to make it drinkable and not scoopable

This makes about 3 cups total.

I have one before the workout and the rest after. Since I'm drinking the nutrients and not chewing them, they are delivered to my body faster as I exercise. And I don't get side cramps from eating and then working out, or as most people know the rule "Wait 30 minutes after you eat to swim." It works for any exercise.

The contents of my shakes daily will always have:
1 part Juvo-carbs for cardio
1 part protein-for strength training
1 part amazing grass-for high energy
1 part milk
1 part water
1 part juice or fruit-more carbs for cardio and flavor

I used to think that people who drank protein shakes were gym rats and all those stereotypes that you think of when you say protein shake. But after I started drinking them for this past week, I remembered how I got so fit before. I would drink this Green Drink by Paradise Greens (It's not as tasty as what I have above) and use it to replace 1-2 meals a day. Add an hour of P90x to that, and you'll lose fat faster than you can count while building muscle.

Last year I only did P90x and then Insanity. Now I am combining them into a hybrid workout. P90x is mostly strength training videos at a slower pace. It's weights, reps, and a little bit of kickboxing. Insanity is an intense cardiovascular program that shapes up your heart and body by slimming it down and burning tons of calories. When paired together, every part of your body is being challenged, from your heart to your toes. (Talk about X Yoga! That is hard work!)

So I'm building muscles with P90x, and losing lots of calories and fats with Insanity. If I'm brave enough I'll post a picture sometime of my results. Feel free to comment with any questions below!

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