Friday, March 2, 2012

Slimming Down For A Vegas Birthday

You know what helps me lose weight and get fit? A goal event or destination. This time of the year it is Las Vegas to celebrate my birthday. I've been to Vegas as a child and teenager, but never a legal, able-to-gamble adult. I'm excited! 

I've never gambled before, and not looking to make it a habit, but think a few games will be fun.

And since it's just going to be me and the boyfriend, I won't be having a big cake this year...but this would have been awesome.  :)

The only pig I would eat...who can make me a vegan one?
Okay enough party stuff, let's talk fitness and health. As some of you may know, I'm studying to become a personal trainer. I've been training since after the holidays, trying to get fit as a fiddle (what ever that means). And after talking to another coach and doing some research, I've decided to do a 2 day cleanse period/weight loss jump start.

For the past couple of months my workouts have included P90x, Insanity, my own weight lifting sessions, and going to the gym. Most of my body has responded well, but my trouble spot is my stomach. That pooch refuses to leave! This jumpstart should help it go away and boost my confidence while I wear skimpy, shiny, dresses in Las Vegas.

What is it? Well it's definitely not one of those lemon juice-cayenne drinks that were popular a bit ago, or a starvation diet. It is however a VLCD (very low calorie diet) that includes 3 shakes a day, 3 pieces of fruit (optional), and a salad for dinner. Since I actually don't have lettuce right now, I'm just going to have a bowl of cereal for dinner, or a 300 calorie meal. You're supposed to cut out all sugars, fats, and dairy for 3 days. But since it's my birthday on Sunday, I'm doing it for two days. Also, you're not supposed to work out because you're taking in so few calories, but I did anyway because I'm trying to get this pooch gone!

I just wanted to share this journey because I know so many people out there need help with those last few pounds or inches. You body tries to hold onto those last few fat cells because it is so used to having them. And once you get them off, your body will try its hardest to get them back (which will most likely happen during my week of vegas, so I'll have to do it again when I get home.)

What shake am I drinking? This plan comes from BeachBody's Shakeology, but since its $120, I bought a shake called VegaOne for only $59. Half the price, less calories, and same or better ingredients.

The specs are pretty awesome as you can see: 
And best of all for me, its vegan! And best for you, if interested, it tastes great. You can get it on amazon by clicking on the first picture. Simply mix one scoop with water and you've got a meal.
I'm on my second shake, and still feeling great and energized. Hopefully I can make it to tomorrow night! 

What my diet looks like for today and tomorrow: 
Breakfast - Shake (136 kcal)
(workout or run errands) (-300kcal) 
Lunch - Shake (136 kcal)
Snack - Banana (90 kcal)
Dinner - 300 or less calorie meal (salad, cereal, etc) (300 kcal) OR a shake (136kcal)
Snack - Pear or Banana (90kcal)
Drinks - Lots of water and green tea  (0 kcal)

Total calories: 588(shake) or 752 (dinner) w/workout: 288 or 452

During this time my body will have no other choice but to eat the fat!! 

EDIT 3/4/12: I lost two pounds in two days! I'll be doing this again when I get home for as long as possible. :) 

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